Thursday, January 21, 2010

When the world is full of morons...

...its stupid to be sane!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To bridge the chasm

A very long time we needed the SarcMark. It is excrutiatingly difficult to write even slightly humorous mails without the fear of upsetting people. Writing masks the emotions of writer, and it is easy for the reader to misinterpret the message. After all, what we are asking him is to not intepret the message as it was written, but as it was intended. An intention is abstract, unquantifiable.

We can't get all uppity and say, "D'oh, the reader is a dumbass, and isn't getting the irony". Also, one might question, well, the old authors - of books and newspaper articles - didn't face the problem.

Well, that writing is completely different to email, or texting. Email and text can be one to many (where many can be privy to a barb sent to one). It might just be upsetting that the receiver to whom the sarcasm is intended gets it, but others cced in, don't and think that sender has actually insulted the receiver.

The sarmark eliminates that ambiguity. Great invention, I think.

Will I pay to download the SarcMark. No, I would rather insult people (Sarcmark here!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

India losing territory

Something that I always feared might be happening . China is encroaching on Indian territory without any firm challenge. They are drunk with power and have history behind them, and the Indian government lack will and courage to take on the mighty neighbours.
They will continue to claim more Indian territory and put Indian government on a diplomatic backfoot (if you are fighting for your terrirtory all the time, you dont really have time to look at their disputed territories and historical LOC issues). The people who will suffer are the native tribes, and long term, it will cause loss of control over the nearby areas that India continues to hold on.