Thursday, May 29, 2008

You can't hide when you write

Isn't it superfluous or just plain lazy to write to someone that you don't know something. You know, like I don't know who or what Kaiser Soze is or which is the 10th closest star from the earth, or just where do we get hing (asafoetida) from?

Or when someone writes "You, noob!" on chat, you can't just reply, "I don't know what you mean". That will make you more of a noob

You know, if you are writing, then you are either on email or chat (who writes on the paper anyway, apart from the devil printers) And in that case, you can easily find out the information for yourself - google is at your fingertips. So, why can't you not know?

It doesn't matter that you didn't know stuff, and it doesn't matter that you don't know stuff when you talk to real people. But when you write, you are all-knowing. You can be a wise erudite info-whore.

NB - Does excessive pursuit of knowledge make you a wikipedo-phile?

Paisa hi paisa. But remember paisa hi

I wish everyday is a claims settlement day. The flush of happiness that floats over you on seeing an mail with the Subject, "Your reimbursement claim has been processed", can only be matched by a dear one affectionately cooing, "You dirty simian". Though no one calls me that, I think the simile still works.

I am loaded with reimbursed money and the salary is still due. So, if you want to ask for some cash, don't hesitate. I can lend you a penny or two. I mean it - the lending bit as well as the denomination.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good article about blogging

I kept coming back to the idea that I had a right to say whatever I wanted. I don't think I understood then that I could be right about being free to express myself but wrong about my right to make that self-expression public in a permanent way.

Good article about blogging

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why we should all die at 30

When I was 15 I was at the zenith of my rebellious phase. I raged against everyone and everything: My parents, my teachers, organised religion and on many occasions, even my friends, whom I regarded as rather naive and in need of mass herding. I did everything a human being was not supposed to - at least according to a few popular ancient books.

I completely agree. And I so wish my daughter would have seen me operate when I was younger. My agility - physical and to some extent mental, is going. The back, the neck, the shoulders, they ache. The body is a creaking prison.

Again, not that I am unhappy, but there is absolutely no point holding off sex till after marriage. Either you get married early, or have loads of sex in college.

The exuberance, the passion, the vitality of youth brings a lot to the table (when young, its the table, when old, its the bed), and that is something not to be wasted. The middle-ages exist to revel in a different kind of pleasure, but the pure carnal desires have an important place of their own.

Indian Workforce unhealthy

Indian Workforce unhealthy
All work and no play is making Indian professionals unhealthy. A study conducted by the World Health Organisation to gauge the health of India's workforce has made some startling revelations.

Friday, May 16, 2008

trends in BI

A perfectly good article on the trends in BI.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Trained to wait

York to Nottingham - distance - 86.5 miles
York to London - distance - 204.5 miles

York to Nottingham - Train duration - 2.10 hours
York to London - Train duration - 2.10 hours

The bitter truth in the UK is that, all lines lead to London. If London is not your source or destination, be prepared for slower trains, numerous changes, and time wasted on platforms waiting for the next one. This is even true if you are travelling between other country capitals (Cardiff and Edinburgh) and county capitals. There just isn't frequent and quick service.

I wish York was in Bihar and Laloo Prasad was the Railway Minister of UK

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Juno why it won the Oscar for best screenplay?

Juno pissed me off. Oversmart characters deliver wise-cracks which are more crack than wise, Ellen Page drawls painfully through the whole thing. It is as if Diablo Cody didn't know when to stop and kept on stuffing more tasteless, profane, loud stuff in an attempt to sound cool. It ends up being incongruous and gets on your nerves.

There were a few deft touches, but overall, the writing and Ellen's acting hammed big time.

Lets soften the show

More of those, people. More of those.

Wipro Infotech merging with Wipro Technologies?

Wipro Infotech seems to be merging with Wipro Technologies. According to an Organizational Announcement

APAC Geography has had a great performance last year with ASEAN and Australia both growing above 93% in Revenue and PBIT over 265%. The respective teams have done a great job on all counts - farming of large accounts, adding new accounts, adding new Lines-of-Business in existing accounts and over-achieving the revenue and profit targets.

This performance and the market growth have prompted us to provide it a greater growth lever - by moving it to Wipro Technologies. We hope with this movement APAC will grow more aggressively in the future.

This movement would mean that all employees in Wipro Infotech (whether in India or at an overseas location) in APAC accounts would eventually move into Wipro Technologies, albeit in a phased manner...

The new structure makes perfect sense, now that the growth is not coming from the West. Wipro Infotech and Tech operated as different companies and offered no perceptible leveraging of their individual strengths as they cross-employee movement was restricted. The integration will greatly enhance their services across geographies.