Friday, February 25, 2011

Zor ka jhatka - Totally wiped out

I am so glad to hear that the show Zor ka Jhatka has failed. All three of us, that's me, wife and my 3 year old are big fan of the original, "Total Wipeout". It is for those who like "Ninja Warriors" and "Takeshi's Castle", where what matters is the skill (or the lack of it) of the participants to provide you with laugh out loud moments. In Total Wipeout, the host, Richard Hammond does add some humour quotient, but works strictly as a narrator, and not the hero. To emphasis his role as an ancillary, he is even not present in the main location, Argentina, and appears to sit on a railing in a disused studio corner.

The fun of the show comes through some really unfit participants setting themselves by taking on the ridiculous obstacle course. Navigating the four giants balls provides the greatest laughs as you see the bodies of the participants twisted and mangled in all weird angles.

The host frankly doesn't matter. There is no need for the paricipants to be celebrities. Just show us people going over the big 4 balls non-stop, and you will have record TRPs.