Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back in Brighton

Am in Brighton this week due to en-masse trainings scheduled by my division at The Firm here. Great opportunity to get to know the rest of the team on speed, considering I just joined last week.

THe sessions have been quite useful and the evening programmes are also good - you get to mingle around a lot, you are allocated random seats at dinner tables, so you have to make conversation with new folks. Works for me.

Didn't realize that the guys didn't have a habit of withdrawing to their rooms immediately after. People go out in clubs etc. and are awake, drinking, having fun into the wee hours. I am not one for talking over the din and after a couple of drinks - its not a trait I have been able to develop in spite of umpteen attempts. I am not going to start now.

Have gone around running though along the sea-face. Has been lovely to see the city slightly differently. Have stayed here more almost a year and a half, and have very fond memories of the place. Still a tourist destination, beaches are busy, and has a fantastic vibe.

My second most favorite city after London. Though, my first love :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

God takes centrestage!

A R Rahman show at the Wembley Arena. This Sunday, the 25th.

Met him once almost 15 years ago. For the music launch of Love Birds ("Cmon Cmon O Kamachi" - loved it!!) at Rhythm House. There was Nagma, Prabhu Deva and A R Rahman. I had won some on the spot prize and was called on the stage. Royally ignored Nagma. Just shook hands with my idols - Prabha Deva and the real Deva, the man himself.

After that, saw him in person only this April at Southbank Centre, London, where the London Philharmonic Orchestra performed his music. It was a pretty good show, but Rahman didn't play or sing. Just spoke a few words during the show, and then at length, in the interview after the performance. He was in his element though (plenty of witty answers, and I can't remember anything). THough he did promise that he was going to be back.

The Jai Ho Tour is going to be all-out extravanganza. A full-on spectacle. Don't mind if the man still keeps the shell around himself -like he always does even when he is belting out the most moving numbers. I just want to be there.