Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back in Brighton

Am in Brighton this week due to en-masse trainings scheduled by my division at The Firm here. Great opportunity to get to know the rest of the team on speed, considering I just joined last week.

THe sessions have been quite useful and the evening programmes are also good - you get to mingle around a lot, you are allocated random seats at dinner tables, so you have to make conversation with new folks. Works for me.

Didn't realize that the guys didn't have a habit of withdrawing to their rooms immediately after. People go out in clubs etc. and are awake, drinking, having fun into the wee hours. I am not one for talking over the din and after a couple of drinks - its not a trait I have been able to develop in spite of umpteen attempts. I am not going to start now.

Have gone around running though along the sea-face. Has been lovely to see the city slightly differently. Have stayed here more almost a year and a half, and have very fond memories of the place. Still a tourist destination, beaches are busy, and has a fantastic vibe.

My second most favorite city after London. Though, my first love :-)
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