Thursday, August 25, 2005

Old York and sad lessons!

Back from York. Just had some process walkthrough meetings with Business Analysts. Didnt get much time to explore the city. The one thing that I learnt (or was corroborated) was that, it is a pain to deal with adults.

Life turns us into selfish, conniving, inconsiderate bastards without giving us an inkling about it. It is quite scary how delusional most of us are about ourselves

I do not know how much importance to attach to this, or to ignore it altogether. May be its a crazy co-incidence. After all, no one seems to notice or doesn't care (living in their own delusions?), so why should I? The catch is that, exposing such psycotic behaviour somehow makes you into a manipulative and insecure person. So day-to-day innocous acts of inhuman-ness go unheeded.

I shall delude yourself that everything is alright
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