Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Good and Bad News

Bad news is that I didn't get promoted (unofficially- results are not out yet). Good news is that I was sooo prepared for it. Not because I knew I didn't deserve it (if I didn't I won't have gone mad with anger at not being nominated). Good news is that there are people rooting for me, who think that I am worth keeping. Unfortunately, the way it works is that, my actual managers don't get to see my work and my value (if any). Also, they are busy with stuff far more challenging that looking after the well-being of their employees (they will get more marks for managing a new account and none for ensuring that their resources are happy).

I had been told a few things were not possible, and then a few of them happened. There is no complete resolution yet (it would be nothing short of a miracle), but still with important and genuinely supportive people, I have set a few do-something alarms ringing. I am just disappointed, that things didn't take so much time, and that for genuine employee requests, we didn't need to take so many exceptions and make people jump through hoops.

But overall, just pleased with things (used that word a lot in this post). Putting on weight in spite of some intense baddy is not one of them. Pizzas and crips to blame, not me. Pringles is devil incarnated as a potato slice.
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