Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meru Redbus

Cool to find that there are more hassle-free options for public transport these days.

Meru cabs provides on-call and internet booking. This is especially useful for people in suburbs where cabs don't ply that frequently, and there aren't any taxi stands worth their engine-oil.

The Meru cabs look comfortable, well-maintained, and especially suited for corporate types. They give you receipts, which is a must for claiming the fare back. And such corporate types are not worried if the fare is a bit higher. After all, you are reimbursing it.

Update - I used it while travelling to the airport, good service, and the fare is economical. However, they don't have enough luggage storage. They use LPG based engine, which takes up a lot of space of the boot. Also, they allow only 2 pieces inside the car. So, if you are carrying a lot of luggage, Meru probably is not your best option.

is a site where you can book bus tickets online. The site is sparse, clean, and fast. Good choices amongst various operators. Really, the founders need to be congratulated for the initiative and creating a market that wasn't serviced at all.

If both could mash it with some mapping tools - so you could see your route - then it would certainly add some pizzaz to the site. Not to mention making to even more useful.
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