Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Governent stays

Glad, glad, glad that the UPA has won the trust vote. The left had got their comeuppance. The arrogance of the infidel Mr Karat! Hope the Peking ducks in the CPI(M) get infected by Bird flu and bird STDs and die horrible deaths.

What completely beats me is the brazenness of the Opposition in resisting deal for completely absurd reasons. BJP -ShivSena have never said they were opposed to the actual deal (to say that they will renegotiate the deal later was a hogwash). All they were against was the Congress. Same thing with the other BJP allies - BSP is opposing to teach SP a lesson (and give M a shot the PM post). TDP is opposed because ruling AP government is Congress.

To top it all, worst of enemies - CPI(M) and BJP find themselves on the same side, not because they agree about something, but because they want to destroy a well-entrenched, fairly well run government at ALL costs.

If you are for a particular deal/agreement/treaty, then will you not, as a consequence, vote in favour of it. Right?

No, not in India. Bizarre.
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