Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sit straight or relax?

BBC has a report on how it is not right to sit upright, but rather to sit leaning back at an angle of 135 degrees celcius.
But what this study misses is that most office workers now used laptops, or computer screens which are about 10-15 cms high, ie, the close as high as the chest max. So if you leaning down in the manner suggested, you have to tilt your head at an angle at about 30-45 degrees to look at the screen. The reason for severe back injuries is the position of the screen with respect to the eyes. If the worker has to significantly tilt his neck forward, it results in slip disks - the disks on your spine start jutting out and cause the nasty back-problems. To avoid this, the laptop of the screen should be at the eye level or above.
So indeed, it may be good just to sit leaning back IF you are not working on computers, but, it is certainly more preferable to sit straight otherwise. Best is to adjust the height of your screen.
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