Wednesday, March 09, 2011

10 years as a professional

On the 4th of March, I completed 10 years of my professional career. There were certainly some high points and low points during that time, and some useful lessons.
1. Having a fun time at Infosys during the 3.5 months induction. Realising that I am not a hacker once again, and also realising that IT is not about coding at all. In fact, guys who progress quickly are good at the softer things rather than at ‘hard’ coding.

2. Being fortunate enough in not being transferred to Hyderabad like the rest of the batch purely because had got a project. Was a BI project. Pretty much have stayed in the same domain since.

3. Understanding the importance of diplomacy and patience at work. Work gets completed only when it wants to complete (especially if it involves more than one person).

4. Fortunate enough to travel to the UK. My family has found a very nice Bed and Breakfast. Lunch and dinner may be elsewhere.

5. Swiftly deducing that working in Mumbai is not for me. Probably, the long term move there will only be of my ashes.

6. Moving from IT delivery to IT consulting to Business consulting. Landing in the Big 4. Realising why they are called the Big 4. And all the hard work that needs to be done inside of me.

7. Giving up on the MBA dream, and sacrificing a million bucks (INR anyway!) for reserving the seat and then not taking it. But ultimately making one of the best financial decisions of my life.

8. Realising that I am a fairly decent decision maker (not just based on 7), just that I need to put myself out there and make decisions that have bigger impact in the organisations that I work in/for.

In the 10 years, haven't done too bad. But there is a lot more that I could have achieved. I could have been more driven, focused, and generally a better professional.

On the personal front,

1. Getting to live near London, one of the best cities in the world

2. Discovering some of the things I am – cyclist, runner, but always a dilettante in everything (and don't mean that as a compliment!)

3. Finding love and losing it.

4. Getting married and having a daughter who makes me feel special.

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