Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Croydon We-Desi Quiz Club

Last year, I conducted some friendly quizzes in order to liven up family and friends' get together. Having been through a gamut of typical party games such as Dumb Charades, Pictionary, Uno, Zenga, people were ready for something new. Also, I was looking at getting parents and kids involved together, which was not quite happening with other games (no idea why).

The quizzes were well-received and kids seem to be keen for more. So, this year I decided to start a quizzing league from local desi kids. It's called Croydon We-Desi Quiz Club.

The age group was 8-13 years (exceptions allowed). Focussing on desi kids allow the quiz to have some level of India emphasis.

Here is the quiz held in Jan 2017

Here is the quiz held in Feb 2017.

Here is the quiz held in Mar 2017.

Here is the quiz held in Apr 2017.

Quiz held in May 2017

The answers follow the questions immediately. Try it yourself or get your kids to take it.
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