Thursday, October 20, 2005

Marathi baana

Maharashtrian entrepreneur is an oxymoron, which has stood the test of time. Marathis are known to limit themselves to vada-pav gaadis, khanaval, catering (bhaaji poli), selling agarbattis and kalnirnay calendars. I dont know what it is about us, that makes the breed so risk averse.

I mean, that the whole people in a particular geographically demarcated area should be satisfied with doing dreary babu-work (and actually covet jobs as a clerk), and be jealous of his jaat-bhaai's success and wealth.

So, this is good news. May more entrepreneurs be spawned by this initiative. Let Marathi bandhav and bhaghini not think about job security, karmachi fale (fruits of karma) and fling away any fear of failure.

Now, one (one because I know only one person who reads my blog) would say "Why don't you quit your job?"

Well, my family astrologer has told me that I am not business type. If I start a dhanda, it will not succeed (my sister was thought to be very shrewd and business-minded). I should not be trusting him much, because his prediction about my marriage didn't come true. But still I am wary.

But seriously, since their is enough financial security going (the 2-b-wife can earn), I am inclined to quit and go lurking into the unknown.

Don't know when. Dont know if.
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