Monday, October 03, 2005

Sky-Dive No 1.

Saw "Howl's Moving Castle" this Saturday. Weird, convoluted still magical, in its own way.

Have seen Spirited Away earlier by the same director Hayao Miyazaki

Sunday, my first tandem-jump from 10000 feet. A slow ascent in a small plane with 10 of us cramped in. Then a push and 1 mile of free vertical fall into the clouds below. 15 ft/s of descent with the parachute open. Wasnt that scary at all. Obviously, I will do more jumps - tandem or solo sky-dives. One of the reasons is that my first one wasnt so perfect. Got sick on the way down and it wasnt pretty.

Damn those chips, which I hastily wolfed down before the flight!

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