Friday, December 23, 2005

Babuwaa, kaunsi film dekhat ho

News about Bhojpuri films makes me immensely happy.

Lets have more regional films. Even if their standards are not worth the posters they are adverstised on. People need choice.

Hindi films are not longer representative of the pan-Indian culture. They are more about NRIs or yuppies who use Hindi to talk English with the rest of their folk. The milieu in the modern Bollywood film is always alien to most of India (set in Australia, US, UK or impossible mansions if in India). You may be able to survive through multiplexes and through international revenues, but the most of India will reject these films for not being representative of them. You disregard what you don't understand.

But its quite funny to know foreign babes are playing in Bhojpuri films. Amazing.
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