Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Firefox problems

I am sure the badwill for Microsoft translates into tremendous goodwill for Firefox. You become so accustomed to diatribe against Microsoft and eternal praise for Firefox/Google etc, that you become one of those causing it.

Here, I am having a major issue with Firefox. The click on the toolbar doesn't work. Say when you click on Bookmarks, you expect a drop down to be activated. It doesn't. It works with keyboard shortcut alright. But the click on the mouse doesn't work.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, still the problem is not solved.
Another issue I have is the add-ons. I have dictionary, flashgot and BrowserSync (very useful) and some others. I don't know why many of these applications have constant updates. It increases Firefox load time greatly. Already Firefox loads slower than most applications (and there are ways overcome that)

If not anything else, I need to cancel these updates when Firefox loads. But as most are aware, it gives a feeling that you are outdated.

I am sure Amish will prove that I am an idiot to have these problems.

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