Thursday, March 03, 2005

Firefox is on my PC

On the note of M$ vs others, have been using Firefox for quite some time and found it quite good. Exceptionally better than IE? Not yet. But it has certain features which I like

1. Tabbed windows - Great feature, should been have thought of earlier. Allows you to open multiple windows (rather tabs like in worksheet) within same browser screen.

2. In built pop up buster - Not such a big deal anymore. Still good.

3. Images Restriction - Allows you to stop images from downloading on a particular site. If you are on Indiatimesque site, then that takes care of 90% of bandwidth wastage.

4. Open source add-ons - Constantly upgraded components you can plug-in. Courtesy all the open source proponents working tirelessly to make online browsing a better experience

5. Bookmark Toolbar - Always favorites to be displayed in toolbar, so u needn't even press Alt-F/Alt-B.

6. Download history - Lists all the downloads done for as long as you want to.

Downsides -

1. A few pages (some intranet sites) do not load on Firefox. Some pages load improperly with text boxes misaligned. Of course, Amish will point surely, that it’s the fault of the designers rather than Firefox.

2. I do not see the functionality where double clicking of a blank target url leads to the page being opened in the same window, different tab, rather than different window altogether.

3. Somehow still has the looks of Work In Progress kind of browser.

But, I like it and I am sure it is going to make a dent into IE stronghold

Update - More explanation from Amish

Let me explain use of tabbed browsing.

Lets say you are reading an article and it has several links in it. In IE when you shift-click a link, it opens it in new window and you need to monitor if it link has loaded while continuing to read the original article.

With Firefox tabbed browsing all you need to do is middle click on link and the page will load in a tab within same window and tab will be loaded in background, which means it will not hinder your reading experience. Plus tab has small animation which when stops, means that link has loaded and ready to be read.

Second some pages dont load in firefox because designers dont write a standard
compliant HTML. And its very unfortunate that people think it to be firefox problem
whereas it strictly follows standards which mean you are more secure while
surfing the internet.

Abhishek, you can use shift-click to open link in new window and middle click
to open in same window-new tab.
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