Friday, March 18, 2005

Music be the food of love!

Best part about I.T. is that we have to use a PC (Wah! Wah!) with great bandwidth. So, if one fancies a song, you can just go search the net and download (my regular haunt).

Paraphernalia, trivia, lyrics (with cryptic references explained) are all there. With the abundance of choice, you can't really stick to a genre. There are whole of artists doing stuff their own way and some of them just stay with you. Here's a list of songs/artists currently occupying my mindspace.

1. Wo Lamhe - Remix - music by Mithun Sharma and Naresh Sharma., sung by Atif, redux by DJ Suketu. Slightly unusual song structure, and the singing style reminds you so much of Hasan Jehangir. The remix is zany and funky and like all good remixes, it's difficult not to carry the tune in your head (Bin Tere Sanam occupied the exact spot till a few days ago). See the latest update for dowload link

2. Dido - She's ruled my playlist for a long time now. Sadness, wistfulness are an ingrained part of her repertoire. But things are never bleak with Dido. There is always a hope that things will be ok and you just need to move on. In fact, the choice of her songs and her style (lots of acoustic stuff) is deeply influenced by her rich, full and resonating voice. It can do great justice to bluesy tunes and almost nothing else. Hardly matters.

3. Amelie - I just love the movie- the frenzy, the manicness, the humor, feel-good-heartedness. This composition "Comptine D'un Autre ete : L'ap", (No I don’t know to pronounce that!), plays as a theme throughout the movie. Just gives me the goose-bumps. It just takes you on a different plane, makes you rise above the mundane, the ordinary, and try to smell this beautiful life - just like Amelie. So for you to like the composition, go watch the movie and turn into a silly romantic

4. Beatles - Somehow the Best of the Beatles landed in my songs list. I am no great beatles fan, but its hard to ignore them. They are really good musicians, the melodies are simple, quaint and very very hummable. There are a few songs that I really dig - Hey Jude, She's got a ticket (unusual drum pattern), She loves you.

5. Buddy Holly - Weezer. I thought the song name was Weezer by Buddy Holly. That would give me a chance to know what the hoopla about Buddy Holly was all about (great musician, died in plane crash, immortalized in American Pie). I mean, I have never heard his songs, and don't know if anyone else has, still he will pop up in every quiz worth its salt, thanks to the greatest all-history-encompassing song of the last century. Anyway, back to Buddy Holly, the song. The song is a live perfomance, with a catchy rhythm (Woo-Hoo, You know I yours, Woo-hoo, and I know your mine). Sung in a easy, laidback style. Puts you in a cheerful mood.

I am ready to take on the weekend!
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