Monday, March 07, 2005


This Saturday, went to buy some DVDs at D.N. Road. After after an hour of sifting through and some haggling, we bought a whole bunch for 1000 rs - Kill Bill 1 and 2, Ladykillers, Catch Me if you can, Lost in Translation, Red, Blue, White (on which Black is inspired), Bicycle Thief, Friends Season 8 and 9 (4 episodes each) and Munnabhai MBBS. Was looking for something else, but ended up buying these. Still, no sweat.

Just caught Lost in Translation. It had the typical great movie trap of making one/more of the lead actors sound very erudite and make obsure and uncalled for literary references (Evelyn Waugh). I believe there could have been more substance to it. But overall, I liked the movie. It has the sense of melancholy and loss which is very difficult to capture. Surely will give a second once over.
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