Thursday, March 24, 2005

Down she goes....

Here is news about Scandent winning a multi-million dollar deal from Dhaka Stock Exchange. Multi-million? Dhaka Stock Exchange? Aren't the number of traders on DSE in, like single digits? WHo's to tell, lure of the stock market is so strong, that you might have scores of traders even on Siberian Stock Exchange.

However, things are not going well closer home. Markets have been dipping continously this week. Why do they call it correction? What is correct when nothing is going right, esp. for momentum traders. At present, even I am seeing red on some of my holdings. But care not, the strong at heart! Macro level signals look good. So it should not cause for too much worry. Innerworth is helping by stating eloquently the obvious but oft ignored truths. It's been a fun 3 months following the markets and testing the trading waters. So far, so good.
Will stick around so long as the bears don't bite too hard.
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