Thursday, March 10, 2005

Asking for too much?

Am working on this piece of design and so many open issues, that it had me all spent. It is all right if everything is laid down to you and all you have to do is furiously design, document, code. When you keep facing hurdles, gaps, issues, something that you have to wait for others (in different time zone) to resolve or clarify, then it gets quite irritating. Your work never seems to catch pace and you keep getting distracted easily by people, mails, news and the quality suffers (Cmon, I need to blame someone/thing!!)

Well finally, have managed to work my way around a few of these problems. But the point is dependency is a real harmful thing. In fact, the world IS going to end, because everyone/thing keeps infringing on everyone/thing else. If each of us were to live in their own bubble - keeping to themselves, not interacting with others - think of how beautiful the world would look with all the bubbles up in ether, with no chance of them ever bursting. There would be no foolish song about bursting bubbles

"Oh,oh, we'r in trouble

Somebody's come along and burst our bubble"

It would be great if you were the all - Business Analyst, designer, developer and tester. You know what you want, you know what to design and code and test. Why stop at that. Ideally, I would want to be the only user of my code. So instead of blaming the tech guy, as most business users do, I would go gaga over him. "Wah! What code", "Awesome work", "Keep it up"!! When I use it and find it can do some tweaking, I go tweak. Make changes in this iterative manner and voila, you have a masterpiece.

Too fanciful?? You bet.
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