Friday, November 30, 2007

Mithun Chronicles

What Mithun found really irritating with his work was having good hearted, kind, benevolent people on his team.

Ms D L Acche was terrible at her work, but Mithun couldn't get himself to tell her that. She was so nice, she helped arrange the team picnics, brought drinks from cofee/water/tea machines, etc. when there was a Office Assistant to do exactly that. She genuinely felt Mimoh's (Mithun's dog) pain, when he lost his tooth in Mithun's neighbour's hamster. She was always on the phone getting updates from her friends, their dogs and their neighbours' hamsters.

She cared that Mithun didn't get the promotion and offered her post to him. It was hard not to like her. But did she do her job well? Hmm...well, Mithun could never tell because Ms D never finished it.

Mithun knew what else was bad? Team members who blog.
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