Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tips to travel from Hinjewadi to Mumbai.

This is for Mumbaikars working in Hinjewadi Software Park and travelling to Mumbai during the weekends.

1. Rather than going to Wakad Police Station to catch sumo, bus, it is better to catch one from below Wakad Flyover.
Sumos, buses are less full when they reach Wakad Flyover. Many sumos, Tourist vehicles don't stop at Wakad Police Station for the fear of the mama.

2. Many people fear taking sumos, private cars for the fear of being looted. Many incidents have happened in the past, that would certainly have you worried. Before sitting in any such vehicle, note the vehicle number and relay it loudly over the phone to your near-ones. Sumos, cars are generally cheaper options, so if you take care of the risk, by being watchful and judicious, you have your journey made.

3. It is also easier to travel to Chinchwad (Hinjewadi-Dange Chowk-Chinchwad) and try and catch transport vehicle from there. Many vehicles ply that route.

4. For people staying on Central Line, Koyna (Chinchwad at 4.40 pm) is a great option, if you want to leave early on a Friday

5. For guys - Many of the IT guys fix up a sumo shuttle between Hinjewadi and Pune. Unless the driver is reliable and punctual (both very rare), avoid this and try your luck from the highway. Pre-arranged sumos are 50% more expensive as well compared to ad-hoc sumos.

6. Look out for high-end company cars going to drop or pick up passengers to the airport. The drivers are not too worried about the price, because whatever they earn apart from the main drop is a bonus.

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