Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Boycott the Australia tour - 2

Amish's response to my post requires a separate post

Ha ha!

1) Ponting was out (caught) in first innings when he was 17. But was not given out. He was given out on 55 (lbw), wrongly. So, some say, it evens that out. How is that even if his partnership with others (Hayden and Hussey) added further 80-90 odd runs?

Didnt that go against India?

Ok lets say this is ignored.

2) Symonds was stump-out and his foot clearly 1 or 2 inches above ground and even then 3rd umpire gave him not out.

3rd umpire was never asked for explanation on why he didnt give him out but then rule doesnt require him to give explanation.

So lets ignore this too.

3) Symonds again was stump-out with foot appearing on the line. Noone but Dhoni appealed, so umpire didnt call for 3rd umpire.

The rule says umpire if has doubt and even if only one player appeals he can refer to 3rd umpire.

Now lets say he didnt have doubt so didnt call 3rd umpire.

So again lets just ignore this.

4) Second innings, Jaffer was out (bowled) probably (95% looked so) on a NO BALL from Bret Lee. But umpire didnt declare it to be so and so Jaffer was out.

But as we already know by now that umpires in this test were one having BEST EYES in the world.

So lets ignore this too.

5) Ganguly was given out on what looked to be doubtful catch. In most cases 3rd umpire would have been called and he would have given benefit of doubt to batsman. But as there was somekind of pre-match agreement that in such cases, umpire will accept fielding team's captain's decision and Ponting declared him out and Ganguly was given out.

Lets ignore this in the name of rule.

6) Dravid in 2nd innings (pillar innings) was clearly NOT OUT, bat no where near ball, no snickometer readings but he was given out. Umpire finally heard the nick of Ponting and declared Dravid to be out.

Ok lets ignore this too.

So eventually India lost by 122 runs, fair and square!

Whooping 123 runs short to win the match.

Oh wait!

Symonds first innings was on 30 when he clearly nicked the ball and easily caught OUT. He stood, umpire stood, he didnt raise the finger and then Symonds scored 162!

Now 162-30 = 132 (lets ignore the partnership runs)

So now if we ignore these 132 runs we find that India scored 9 more runs then Australia and even then LOST a test match.

Hey afterall Australia had declared their 2nd innings!!
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