Monday, January 07, 2008

Boycott the Australia tour!!

If the BCCI has a even little bit of spine and self-respect, it will act on the threat and call the team back.

It's also unfortunate that while we are discussing boycott, most of the attention is on Harbhanjan-Symonds episode. It shouldn't be. Ricky Ponting's behavior itself should make the Indian team boycott unless he is banned (based on historical precedence)

And then there are the ghastly and cruel umpiring decisions.

My fear is that BCCI is too corrupt and money minded to not care about $2.5 million in penalty claims. The passage in rediff suggests so as well.

"We are most likely to leave for Canberra tomorrow. If there is no threat to the tour, there is no threat to this side game also," commented a member of the team management on condition of anonymity.

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