Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here goes the sun...

Worrisome signs in the IT martket are evident from the news from TCS and IBM.

I think software business as it - volume driven, mass recruitment, US focus will be definitely dead or be very close to demise in 5 years time.
We should be seeing a stablisation of business and resources if not a drastic reduction in that time.

We already are seeing poor resource quality in the haste of recruiting new resources and it will be impossible to use such guys in any useful way. I am primarily embarrased about such guys travelling onsite and screwing up the reputation of everyone at offshore.

I am also not convinced of our average project management capabilities either. We do well in support/maintenance projects, but invariably screw up in large development programs. When the push comes to shove, then these 'bad' managers make their resources work over-time.

In times of crisis (when the projects dry up) these issues will become major headaches.

Katlene ke tarike dhoondhna abhi se shuru karna chahiye
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