Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hallucinating about mosquitoes

I took my daughter - aged 1 year and some - to India to meet my family and friends. I didn't consider mosquitoes in that list. Evidently the pests didn't take well to that and ravaged my daughter all over. She had chicken pox just a while ago. She recovered but her face now looks worse. Also, being fair (both her chromosomes seem to come from her mom), her skin turned crimson red.

On the plane to London, people were asking me if I was a millionaire, because I (naturally) and my daughter (thanks to the scabs) were looking like we lived in the slums. I said no, we don't live in slums, thank you! But the mosquitoes don't know that and keep bugging us.

While people were asking inane questions, I also noticed two mosquitoes on the wall opposite (we get front seats thanks to the little one). They had boarded the flight without passport, plane tickets, security checks, and worse, were not wearing seat belts. I couldn't debase myself by reaching for them and trying to squash them. Instead, lost about 0.01 pints of blood stoically getting bitten. Finally, killed one of them while it was in the act.

Back in London, I still couldn't get over those rascals in Mumbai and the ones with unknown address. While cradling my daughter to sleep, I was hallucinating that mosquitoes were prancing around us. I could hear the buzzing in my head, just like you hear it in cell-phones in vibrating mode. I was reaching for the bat (its actually a racquet, except you don't play with it, but zap mosquitoes. Which means it may not be a racquet. Hmmm!). Except, there was no racquet. And there were no mosquitoes either. Except those in my head.

At night, I was covering up my daughter in quilt, not because it was cold, but because I was afraid more mosquitoes would bite and her face might start looking like a monkey's bum (and people would then think that both her chromosomes came from me). Realised through the jet lagged sleep that there are no mosquitoes here.

Yanked the quilt from her and wrapped me warm!
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