Thursday, November 05, 2009

Uneventful Life

It has been fairly uneventful few months. You won't have guessed looking at the update to my blog!

Really, apart from my daughter having learned to stagger (and she IS an ace staggerer!), and learning to alert us of her excretions AFTER she's done it, there's nothing much really that has happened.
You shout, nay, say calmly, "soo, soo, sheee shee, in the pottyyyy!", and she repeats, "Shee, in the pottyyyy!". Cute but deceitful!

Have been working quite furiously for the last couple of months. There's huge responsibility of making the right architectural decisions, or its literally, my (as a tax payer's) money down the drain. Yes, working for one of the UK banks nationalized to save it from going under during the financial crisis. It's difficult to keep your sanity about you, with all the chaos happening around you - absence of business involvement, poor IT engagement, EU issuing orders effectively undoing part of our work. The good part is that the work is in London, so have been able to spend them with my drunken, uncivilized daughter.

Spending time with the family also means coming home to a war-zone - toys lying around, empty coffee mugs tipped over the sofa, food (that followed a kid's mouth now embedding itself in the carpet, overflowing laundry bag, crumb-infested dining table, perpetually crumpled beds and scattered wet towels! Wife refuses to clean because, as per new rules of conjugal partnership, both husband and wife are supposed to 'share' responsibilities. I don't know who invented this drivel, but that person needs to die!!

So, you see, all in all, I have been extremely happy, nothing wrong at all, thank you very much.
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