Saturday, November 12, 2005

Writing movies

Saw The Constant Gardener. With time, the memories fade. I thought I had read the book, by John Le Carre (I thought it was to do with espoinage). Haven't. The movie is a fabulous understated and a moving love story executed with verve, panache and depth.

You can see the glimpses of restlesness and portentousness (my word) that you caught in City of God. Same director- Fernando Meirelles. It's the hints and the foreboding that is scary than actual images and the movie constantly leaves you guessing as to what's to come next. The character of Tess (Rachel Weisz) is extremely well etched.

But inspite of the fabulous red herrings and intrigue, ultimately, it is a fine love story with a message - how the world uses Africa as a Guinea Pig.

Two more movies to catch - Rebecca and Rashoman. It's 5.56 pm and pitch dark already.

There are few things that you can do in the English winter.

For a better review go here

P.S. Dialogue of the day

Justin - "How can I take you to Kenya? We hardly know each other"

Tessa - “You can learn me”
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