Monday, March 20, 2006

Captain Chapter

I have an instant distrust of people who are called (want to be called) by some phony titles, no longer valid in current occupation. May be, there is genuine respect for them, but I find it all too dubious. Esp, the hypocorism (Wordweb rules) of Captain.

There was a Captain in my earlier job, responsible for everything and nothing. He was supposedly some navy ex and hence the epithet. He would walk around with a swagger, talk in a loud authoritative pitch and generally bully everyone in his team. I think he was head of IT support and also organiser of quiz club, nature club, sports club, but I am not sure. Because, every time I contacted him for any related activities ("why no activity on the quiz club?" "Are there any tennis players in the club?"), I never got a decent response. All the clubs were effectively dead and he peddled proper official activities as being organized by these clubs. There was an family event once, where all of the family were invited, except siblings older than 12 years. It was a totally ridiculous rule and I questioned him about it. No reply.

Another Captain that I know (same job) may not be as wretched, but still I am very suspicious. Captain Vinod Nair is the founder of Arts and conducts soft skills training courses for many big corporate companies. His career, the way he described it, spelt like collection of huge accomplishments. Ex-army commando, was shot twice, quit because of leg injury, was in some top position at Pritish Nandy communication, bragged that Bill Gates, Narayan Murthy wrote on ARTS website. There were some other 'golis' that he kept pelting us with.

I attended his training session and taken in totality (considering his age and his achievements), it didn't tie up. Also the training wasn't that great. Other folks like it, but he never stuck to the agenda. The session was on Team building and he cramped in some unrelated case studies related to an commando operation. Probably, just as justification to his army career. Throughout the training, I thought, he was giving golis, than teaching us anything of import.

Anyway, now I read this and I am convinced that he is a fraud. Who but bogus Godmen and quick-fixers go around telling people that "I can cure anyone spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.” Without having a degree in medicine or psychology! Yes, the guy is a fitness freak, but who amongst the Beautiful People isn't. And that shoudn't be a criteria for instant trust anyway.

And then, he succeeds in finding more mileage - by weaving his web of lies around neo-celebrity, Tulip Joshi. Lucky to find an accomplice, so early in life. Bunty aur Babli in the making!!

Go duping, Captain!

Crickettt goes berserk. Calls me names. Boo hoo hoo. I am even unhappier than before.

His verbatim rebuttal here (and only because he is less offensive in this comment).

crikettt said...
Just spoke to captain about your blog.

He chose to ignore it, he didnt even want to know the url (he is obviously above mud slinging).

His site is very much on, it is

NM, ambanis and shah rukh are very close to him - start reading the papers, he is all over with them-read wahat they have to say about him. Watch TV and see waht shekhar suman says about him. His recent presentation to bill clinton at vikram chatwal's wedding is also well known. .

Have u adopted children? have u been on the front line in service of your nation?.

I was once a frustrated lonely guy till I had a chat with him. He has never been too busy or to hoity toity, always has time and always ready to help..

As for your coments on accenture, your entire blog is a collection of cribs from a very unhappy and unaccopmlished person..

I am a very proud Indian but I feel sad that when one amongst us rises above through sheer grit and intelligence. 10 others are there just waiting to shred him. .

Is it that difficult to be happy for others and be happy yourself?.

Please dont malign a war hero and a gentleman who you dont even know - thats a genuine request, it just leaves a very bad taste.

I think, really, it would be best for you to ignore the blog like Captain Nair. If he continues to do sensible things like ignoring rabble rousers like me, then in time, he will never have any rabble rousers like me. Because all of us would be converts. Like you.

Right now, he is too good to be true (for everyone's benefits, the stutisumans are here and this blog will remain a checkpoint (esp. for me )to ascertain if I read the guy correctly or indeed, if it is another one of my accomplised failures.

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