Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nahi Chalta Hai - Part II

Eve teasing and sexual abuse are as much part of the Indian culture as caste system, family ties and arranged marriages. Read this

When found in a similar situation as not a victim, but a witness, most of us are going to say "Well, its the woman's fault". Thoda sa haath lagayaa to kyaa hua?". But, when it comes to outraging a woman's modesty, there is no act small, grey, or excusable. We should tolerate none of it.

Depravity is at the heart of this menace, which perpetually threatens freedom of women and their ability to live as equal citizens. Holding hands is an offence, so forget showing physical affection towards your partner in public. That is against our sanskriti and aachar. What does it lead to? All these pent up feelings, which manifest in a most disgusting form.

There are thousands of perverts out there, who can't abuse their wives and daughters, because they stay in cities away from the family. They are prowling the streets, trains, buses, hunting for a hapless victim. A victim of the society, where it is ok for men to rub you the wrong way, but outrageous to fight against the abuse.

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