Friday, March 03, 2006

Finding Meebo

Have just come across meebo. A website which allows access to all well-known messengers - aim, yahoo, msn. The screen is simple and quite easy to use.

My friends have concerns around security, as the service is not well-known. However, the creators whose bios are in the about us section look to be decent and smart blokes, so would want to trust the site.

Go on, give it a try.

P.S. Amish gets so mad at my recommendation of Meebo, that he starts calling it weebo and he writes a strong rejoinder in the comments section.

Here is the full text

Why do you need weebo? I say you dont!

1) You might want weebo if your company is blocking chat. But soon your administrator will come to know about it and its not at all tough to block weebo. Plus you are not following company policies. You might say that its your right but companies have security concerns.(its off topic to discuss why)

2) You might want weebo to bring all 4 leading IM services together under one window. BUT why do you need it when you have faster and better clients like trillian,gaim doing that job.

Disadvantages of weebo:

a) All traffic goes via weebo. So no matter what-so-ever their privacy agreement says:

i) weebo can steal your ID/password if it wants (I believe in DO NOT trust principle on internet. Only Yahoo should know my Yahoo password, only MSN should know my MSN password and so on)

ii)) Weebo can even record and see your coversations no matter what!

b) traffic is all over HTTP taking more bandwidth

c) no support for file transfer, webcam, voice. Webcam and voice support is next to impossible on HTTP unless they use applet or activex. But why do u want to complicate the things?

You can use trillian or gaim safely because gaim is open source and plus IM traffic goes directly to the related servers NOT via third party.

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