Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Do Saal

I will complete two years as a blogger in just about 4 days time. Its a long time to be writing consistently - the frequency has dropped from two blog-posts per week to one. But can't help it you see. I am married now and also busy at work.

I am not too concerned now with the site-hits as compared to earlier. It's just too much pressure trying to cater to reader's request and I believe, I have found a balance - me sprawled across it entirely.

Fewer things really move me to make an effort to write on the blog. But there still are.

BTW, I got "sehr gut" grade in Deutsch class. It was certainly not a very good effort in the exam - kept making silly and obvious mistakes - but still I am very happy to have learnt a language. It is like a peeping through a window into a whole new world for the first time. Hope not to forgot the language soon, which would be so easy, considering the circumstances. I don't think it would be possible to attend higher levels (company doesn't sponsor them), but there is ample material on the web and elsewhere.

I just need to make the effort
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