Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wann kommst dieser Freitag?

I am just exhausted from having too much on my plate right now. My Deustchkurs just got over today. 4 months - 1,5 hours everyday, can take its toll. Many people have said that they are done with the sprechen and lesen and Die Artikels. I won't want to give up. I really had fun learning. There certainly are some tricky bits - the Artikels for one. The Germans give sex to all the things - e.g. That is a table. He is elegant.
That soup tastes good. Can I have more of her?

And then there were the stored procs which I am grappling with in the testing phase for performance. Not that they have given me much pain now. But everytime issues around those come, my heart skips a beat and I lose all my social skills. I start frowning and being all brusque and curt.

There is my soft skills training program. Though it's once every week, it is a full day course and again bherry bherry taxing.

There were other initiatives and trainings as well. But more than this, I wonder, if it is the shadow of Diwali and the week long holiday that has dampened my mood at work. People are just dying for this week to get over and so am I. Most of them are off tomorrow for their vacation.

Hope this week flies
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