Monday, October 30, 2006

YevA, Konkan AplAch asA

Back from whirlwind tour down South Maharashtra. First stop was Kolhapur to offer prayers to Mahalaxmi, Jyotiba and at Narsobachi Wadi. Did some quick but informative tour of Pahnala. It is a sprawling fort, fairly intact (could be maintained in a far better manner). Probably will post some pics later.

Was off to Sawantwadi for a brief halt and then to Goa. We almost retraced the route the last time - Fort Aguada, Calangute, Mayem Lake, Dona Paola, Miramar, Mangeshi, Bon Jesus church. It was certainly more fun this time, thanks to the wife. Since, I am not a Goa-frequenter, I don't reminisce about the good old days when Goa was less crowded and much better. Yes, I have been to Goa as a kid, but it was so much time ago, I don't remember a thing (except I caught some Tinkle for the first time in a raddi).

The roads are awesome, sign-boards everywhere are a great help, and there are loads of picture-perfect spots. Wish they would keep Calangute cleaner though. Heaps of garbage!

Back to Sawantwadi to have another round of (soft) Cocktails, Faloodas and Soda Lemon at Balakrishna Cold-drinks. If you don't know BC, then you don't know a small part of Konkan

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