Monday, October 25, 2004

Been there, done that

Had an argument with a collegue on Thurs. It was really something trivial and should have been taken care of easily with calm and tact. I was stressed and lost my patience for the day and so, wasnt prepared for either. Moreover, I have this notion that the colleague is not amenable to suggestions given by others and that made me more agressive in my argument. Now its Monday and we still havent talked, though no work related stuff has come up that needed discussion with her. Anyway, its awkward. And I realise how patient and sensitive I should be. Anyway, have this session on about Team Working. The trainer is a bloody over achiever. Was an army captain, fought battles, shot at thrice, toured Europe and climbed all its peaks, owns his soft-skills training (highly paid) business, takes care of 31 special kids, and on a frivolous note, stays next to John Abraham. Wow. Made me wonder if its all true, coz he looks so young. Or may be, its just coz he all makes me so ordinary. What I have done as yet, that people should take note of me?

There IS that niggling want to do something special. Not just simply to stand out, but because I feel genuinely about it. But its so out of line with my work, that I have to chuck all this and devote full time to that goal. But I know I should make up my mind and just do it.
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