Saturday, October 23, 2004

The first post

A belated Happy Dasra to all. I wish the blog had broken into the world yesterday. No problem. Its still dasra today in some part of the world.

I am not sure if this one has to be special. Coz it wont be.

Was meaning to put a decent blog entry (with some analysis about a personality, but more of that in future), but didnt happen. Anyway, its good to enter gingerly in the blog world, without anyone noticing you, rather than all the flashbulbs blinding you, with an oh-so warm welcome. I prefer quiet. Let no one know that I am here.

I hope to emulate some of my esteemed bloggers, who do such a great job at recording their daily memoirs, with profound insights now and then, into so many things. I wish to just be able to hold my own, atleast.

That apart, I have lots of free time and know the power of ( an almost) daily dairy. I used to keep one (well, not exactly, but may be, if I get comfortable with you, my blog, will let you into that), and know how one changes over time and things that you recognize and stand for today, mean nothing a few years down the life. It has happened so many times, that I went back to my writings and was surprised that I, me, wrote that stuff. Surely, I didnt write that.

So, possibly, having this perspective, of your past, which your brain conspires to erase from itself, would, I hope in some way, help me, partially, understand myself. The incidents that make me who I am. The reasons that make me who I am. The thoughts that make me who I am.

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