Sunday, October 24, 2004

What the stars foretell?

Just the other day, had an astrologer at our place. Apparently, his prediction about my dad buying an office came true and since then folks are converts (of him). Already my mom believes in it and has in fact studied it. She knows the moon being in the 7th house and Neptune being in the 10th, signifies longevity (of life, what did you think?) and that when Jupiter is in my house (astrological), you better get hold of some rings of Saturn to protect yourself. I am just making light of it, but really, the way, the astrologer went about methodically deducting what happened (we didnt tell me earlier) and predicting, what might happen, I was impressed. There are some rules that apply fundamentally depending on the placement of the planets and no one escapes these. So, its better to understand your stars and make your decisions based on them. Possibly, you would want to put off your marriage (or divorce). You might want to continue your education or make that investment now! Things like that. This was what the guru had us and me convinced. Am I a believer? Well, 70% yes.

It has also happened in the past, that other knowers of this science ( or art of deception, as you may prefer) have predicted things correctly. Though not all have come true. But even something that beats the law of averages, slightly, is good enough for me, to start developing faith in astrology. I find rather than just fishing around in the future, not knowing what it is, astrology provides a direction to it and a broad one at that. The gurus keep it broad for the sake of all I-told-you-so possibilities. No matter. Some knowledge of the future cannot be bad. Moreover, negative things are ignored in the prescience, as you dont pay to be told "You are gonna die in 20 days!!". That helps you focus on the positive possibilities. Now, whats the harm in knowing something, good about the future. Going by the past record, these may possibly come true. Lets hope.

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