Thursday, October 28, 2004

Less Work and More Play

I have noticed that I work better under pressure. Atleast, I am more productive. The days, when I am not completely swamped by work, I idle away - reading blogs, visting mp3 blogs and downloading loads of mp3s, reading news, tech news, all kinds of news. When I would be busy, I would visit tech. forums, even when I was not looking for answers to techie questions. I think, I even though care of some personal stuff better. May be, less work makes me more lethargic.

Anyway, a few good things atleast have emerged. Ever since I left my prev org, where I was just overwhelmed by work - esp managing resources and projects, I was in the pits with regards to my mental well-being. Even when I would turn up for bed early, I would not get any sleep and would be caught in dreary project details. It was just terrible. Now, I get such sound sleep, I love it. Also, I get time to go jogging in the evening. This I really needed, just to put a break on the cycle of sedentariness (sedentation doesnt sound bad.) I have started slow, but now run almost 2-3 kms a day. We have a huge car-park and jog along the length of it. No an ideal place, but will do for now. Only thing I am worried about is not hurting my legs irreversibly. Jogging is high impact and needs to be done carefully on cement surfaces. Might move to shoes better suited for this activity.
I also need to start taking and imparting some training in this free time. I just spoke to my Career Counsellor and he (I concurred :-) was of the opinion that I should take some tech ( INformatica, BO) and soft skills training. Well, anything to break to monotony.
On another note, I am trying to get my photo added to my profile at blogger, but I am lost. Or has the absence of serious work dimmed my mental faculties. TOo bad
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