Thursday, May 12, 2005

DTH is home

Guess what, folks couldnt stay without TV even for a fortnight and we have DTH installed at our place. Actually, grandmom has come to stay with us and it gets boring for her during the day. Anyway, I am leaving Mumbai in a few days, so I don't have much use for it.

Anyway, about the box - It receives about 40 channels - notable amongst them all the DD Channels, Aaj Tak, Headlines, BBC World, ETV, Zee Music. The reception quality is quite good - with some channels (esp Cable), better than cable. Also, it adds to the browsing facility of the TV - multiple channel viewing, scrolling up and down the channel list. And of course, it liberates you from the tyranny of the cable-sahukar.

The downside is it is expensive - Rs. 3500 (for box + installation). Of the 40, there are whole lot of channels you don't need or will never watch unless you want to be a polyglot. But as I said earlier, with more channels getting ready to beam on DTH, things should look good on the idiot box.

Note: I saw this coming from Amish..., answers inline


1) 3500 one time right? Then always free, right?

Right. But when Star, Zee goes DTH, you will again need to make a one time payment to install their decoders (I think, but not sure)

2) Where is antenna or dish placed? Outside home can be stolen easily.

The dish placed above a window facing east. I expect it to be stolen during rainy season, when people are short of umbrellas.

3) Pls name some more good channels/serials.

ETV Marathi, DD Sahyadri (do you know Marathi, good language), Star Utsav, Smile TV, BBC India, Hindi music channels (names I forget), one religious channel (beamed directly from heaven)

4) What are other channels you expect to be launched? What abt sports channel(esp. for F1)? How much time will it take for new channels to come?

Goal TV is for football. and DD Sports. No, couldn't see anything for F1.

I know CNBC Awaaz is planning a launch on DD's DTH platform. Star and Zee are planning to launch on separate platforms (meaning you have a buy a decoder separately for each platform (again I could be wrong). Zee has won a case forcing Star to make its bouquet of channels available on its DTH service. I don't know when they plan to go direct/span>

5) Is there website to check details?
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