Saturday, May 14, 2005

Speed-breakers gone?

The judiciary has been instrumental in hauling up the government for its inefficient functioning and the routine violations that it itself is responsible for. Take the case of speedbreakers.

The high court has instructed the municipality to remove all the unauthorized speedbreakers dotting (lining!) the city roads. Good, someone did something about the nuisance.

Here we have small hills built on roads. Anyone taking the road from Ghatkopar to Mankhurd. Three lane road has speed-breakers so huge, that you have to put the car in first gear to climb them. From what I can see, these have been only constructed for the facility of the slum dwellers of Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar, who stay on one side and need to cross the road for their daily 'ablutions'. How crap is that? I don't know if those speed breakers are gone too, now. Will know soon, when I head for Pune.

Anyway, I noticed most of the speedbreakers along my travel route have disappeared. But, will the municipality be municipality if they did it in a sane and completely issue-free manner. Of course not. They have drilled out the speedbreakers and some road tar with it, so the humps are gone, but because of the unevenness, you still have to slow down. Speedbreaker is gone, but it's still there.

PS. Update on 23-May. Took the Mankhurd-Ghatkopar road and all the speed-breakers are gone. Sadistic pleasure seeing the people scampering to cross the road. Seriously, its dangerous now to cross the road and BMC should built subways to tackle the problem.
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