Friday, May 27, 2005

Terrible end!

It's been a nightmare! Today is my last day at work and I am trying to get all the closing formalities done.

Till today, I don't why I couldn't figure out that this was a typical babu-reaucratic organization. You may have ambititious plans about growth - adding 10k employees a year. But without proper processes, the organization is going to fall apart. The growth is basically not sustainable and employees are going to be deeply unsatisfied. In every interaction with internal departments, there are going to be skirmishes. That's what happened.

Lack of intra-department communication, ignorance of a new online system (covering exit process), so I am left running pillar to post for getting sign-offs on finance, tech, facilities. The online system is supposed to take care of this and the respective departments to feed in the approvals in it. But guess, its not fun, without a person running helter-skelter.

Finance department just wakes up today after my repeated mailers, voicemails and unresponded phone calls ("God knows who calls us. Why pick!"). And it tells me I owe X amount (to be paid by D.D., no online transfers, thank you) for notice period breach. Putting aside the contentious issue of notice period, the amount X comes out to fraction of my salary. So how about deducting it from salary during final settlement, but giving me that damn interim relieving letter. No, not possible. We want the money from you now. Salary and other amounts, that we owe you, you'll get after 4-5 weeks. The HR person kept justifying that this is GLOBAL process. Hello! your global process sucks. Your global process reeks of red-tape. Your process is meant to antagonise every person who is outta the company ("serves him right!"). But the same malaise affects every other internal process.

During joining, you made me fill 3 hardcopies of personal and professional background and then again, made me fill the same information online (How sweet of you to want so much of me!) . Remember the time, I asked for PF transfer status. 6 months since the transfer is made and you don't know that it has been. How wonderfully blase!

You want to leave the company, because the processes are bad? Don't!

Ask me the postives about this place, some other day.
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