Wednesday, June 01, 2005

New beginning

It's the first day now at the new place. The induction isn't going as per schedule. We are now awaiting the admin related presentaion for the last one hour. But I am willing to be less hostile to anyone other than my earlier company. I still haven't got the relieving letter.

Anyway, Pune is literally a breath of fresh air. Immediately, you notice the lack of marauding and in-your-face crowd. It rained here yesterday (monsoons have done a 180 degrees I think) and is raining intermittently. I needed to even turn down the fan to 2.

The coolness stands in stark contrast to the mugginess of Mumbai( which is so close). The travel to work is again a breeze. Out of Kothrud and on Bangalore-Mumbai Highway in 5 min. and then the bus thunders into the Software Park within 20. Kandivli-Vikhroli distance might be the same, but better roads and lesser traffic, make it a joy-ride.

From here, I can look wistfully at my old campus and get all nostalgic about the good-old days ( I feel so old).

But compared to Infosys, this pace of development is really slow here. I wonder why? Infosys, already has Phase 2 running and we are still dealing with scaffolding and rubble and wed mud. Not good. But, the opportunity for growth is huge and hope, things turn around quickly.

Fingers crossed.
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