Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Enough of the rains

God seems to have taken my advice to heart. But, I didn't want my home to go under. Well, the Gods are angry and the apocalyptic downpour is not abating. Our home is Kandivli is submerged. Mom seems to removed most of the stuff, still the furniture, mattresses etc are now floating in a massive pool that covers most of Mumbai. Fridge is now lying tilted. The bowels of the car are being washed clean.

Dad is stuck in his office, sis in her college hostel and I am here in Pune. Mumbai-Pune expressway is clogged by traffic and landslides. I have been advised not to go to Mumbai now that large parts of the city are still under water and there is no connectivity. And its still raining.

Fortunately, mom and grand-dad were able to take refuge on 3rd floor. But the situation is extremely dangerous and tense. I hope the waters recede fast. This is the second time that this has happened to us. First, when we just moved to this place in 1992. Its nothing that we can't handle. But its extreme hard work cleaning all the muck, washing all the grime, throwing away rotting stuff, rebuilding the home.

But that can only happen when the rains stop. I hope that they do.
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