Saturday, July 16, 2005

Gay Abandon

Loads of work yesterday. Had to cancel the Prabalgad trek. I am trying to cram as much fun before the E-day. But, it's too late isnt it :-)

How can we be sure that the most important decision we take in life is correct. All the nit-picking analysis, all the weighings, all the consultations is just meaningless. Because, finally, you don't know. Coz we are talking of human behaviour. There's nothing objective about it. Whole lot of design and millions worth of development (new products, new interfaces, new services, new websites -IT case in point obviously) go down the drain because, humans prefer to do things a certain way, not the most correct/easiest/best way.

How a person is to you is so much dependent on how you are to that person. That requires a disregard for any negative first impressions, any doubts that you may harness. You just go ahead and accept the person as your friend, colleague, boss, partner, wife.

I think it is easiest to let things be. Not think too much about it. Not pre-judge.

Just let go and the ride would be great!
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