Sunday, April 10, 2005

Devsaari tyalaa kon maari

GOod news today. Not much work, apart from small training that I need to deliver for use of VSS and issue log (duh!). But last week was extremely hectic what with the data model being screwtinized under the microscrope by the client. Hope they don't want to do a major overhaul, coz I have nursed the data model for too long and it's time I let it go to face the world.

This weekend was eventful for mom and sis. They were off to Devsaari, near Palghar for a Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra camp there. Lots of tribals/adivasis (no, not draped in leaves), living in extreme poverty. Vanvasi Kalyan has adopted a number of villages and this was one such return trip to 'their' village.

The highlight for my sis was to get to know Mr Mankame, a very senior dentist who's been practising in US for the last 29 years. For about 3 times in a year, he is in India for 2 months, visiting such God-forsaken places and providing treatment to the poor. He has a fully equipped caravan, with all the latest dental instruments and machines, even to do complicated dental procedures. My sis went crazy, just looking at the stuff he managed to have fitted in his van. Not only that, his humility and drive for work had my sis completely overawed.

I hope sis could write about the wonderful trip in detail and increase the shobha of my bloga
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