Friday, April 01, 2005


There is anti-Punjab strike in Pakistan. When do we do this in India?

Punjabis have infiltrated the Indian fabric in every way, the salwar kameez, the films, the food, the music (oh! The music!). I even make effort to understand what Rabbi rambles. The problem is, the guys are fun-loving, boisterous, loaded and know how to live it up. Rest of the Indias are comparitively meek, submissive and boring. And poor. In many cases, the Punjabification cannot be wished away. The Salwar Kameez is the most convenient wear for Indian woman. Rest of us, can learn from the Punju jest for life. But the Punjabi excess in films has crossed the limits of endurance. All the imp Bollywood families unfortunately are Punjabis, so for them its first nature to douse the whole film in Punjabi slush (sargon ka saag, punjabi spouting unrelative, the irritating bhangra number, loud humour).

In fact, my biggest grouse, is the disservice Punjabi guys are doing to Indian music. The bhangra thing is getting on my nerves. The Punjabi diaspora with a sorry mish-mash of broken Punjabi and street English are creating unprecedented cacophony. Rabbi is a the only saving grace.

Traditionally, Urdu shayars have had a stronghold in song writing department. So, Sanskrit based Hindi never came in style. And now Punjabi lingo has encroached a big way. Soniya, Mahiya, Peinda, Lashkara, ... Think how unhappy that is going to make the cows of UP, that words like prem, premi/premika, hriday, sharir(!), lagaav, praan, prannath, satya, gunh (quality), shabd, are eschewed completely.

So lets all eschew Punjabi. Bole So nihaal
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