Monday, April 25, 2005

Presentation blues

Bad day yesterday. Had been preparing for a presentation to be done over a telephone. It was just a technical walkthrough. Now, I was not involved in the project a great deal and was uncomfortable doing the whole thing. Still had a day time to work on it, but wasnt too great.

Firstly, the telephone thing causes a big disconnect. You are not able to gauge reactions and don't know the right places to interrupt/begin at. Voices are not clear and its irritating to have to say "Can you repeat that again?"

You dont know if you want to be business-like or banter about, esp. when there are people you don't know. You are the weaker party coz he is deigning to give you work, and it puts you in an awkward position.

Anyway, enough of cribbing. The presentation is done and dusted and I have better things in life to worry about.

Like why do girls talk on phone so much? Next blog.
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