Friday, April 29, 2005

Hello! Hello!!

My sister is hooked on the phone. Its an addiction. Put the cordless next her ear WHILE she's is sleeping, she starts BLABBERING into it. What is with phonophilia and girls. They can go on and go without having any fundamentally meaningful to say. Is it with to do with their gossip-inclined souls or is it just to prelidection to bare it all, even if that all is nothing?

My sister's partner-in-crime (the person at the other end) is her closest friend. Now they both are together all day long. Go to college and come back together. Yet, when is back, the sis is on phone with her friend. Rambling on. About what I say? Havent you two spoken? What significant thing has happened the five minutes after you bade bye to your friend and came home? Even on holidays they talk things like
"When did you wake up?" "How many circular motions did you make when brushing your teeth" (both are interning (!) dentists)..."how many ml tea did you drink today"..."what are you going to wear? Why that!!"... "That Saloni, I wonder what her boyfriend finds in her" ..". Well, not exactly. But that is the gist. Now, with the mobile phone, the womenace is all prevading. Thankfully, the women's compartment in trains is separate. Or the men would suffer or what!

But anyway, I shouldn't deride all the womenfolk here. Actually, you only see girls and not women suffering from this condition. I remember a song in Toy Story 2, in which the toy Cowgirl reminsces about the good old days, when she was the favorite toy and now, the girl has grown up and no longer need the toy to play with. The growing up has been indicated just two fleeting images - the now teenaged girl sitting in front the mirror lined with a whole lot of lip shades. And then from the other side of the bed, the camera following the girl's legs as she paces about, pulling the phone behind her. How apt!

Guess my sis is still a girl!
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