Monday, January 23, 2006

Picture victure

Thanks to an inveterate movie buff as a roomie, have been catching loads of movie since the last couple of weeks.

Roman Polanski's Ninth Gate, is a total disgrace. Some movie directors have just made this fat name for themselves, that they and the movie studios can peddle any trash in their name (like Dan Brown the author). I have caught The Pianist which is a decent movie, but Ninth Gate is just a terrible piece of film-making. Johnny Depp is wasted.

Clockwork Orange is a film that I wanted to watch for a long time. It is provocative, without a doubt. Certainly, very innovative use of language with weird, wonderful characters. I think the acting by Malcolm McDowell is top notch. However, I wont call it the best movie I have ever seen. May be one needs a bit of back reading to be in the know of what the director is trying to convey through the gruesome and repulsive violence)

Had a relook at Batman Begins. It didnt strike me that Liam Neeson himself was Ra's Al Ghul until my roomie told me so. The animation series I have seen always had Ra's as a Chinese guy, hence I was easily fooled. But anyway, the DVD was without any good features (no inside info, director's cut, interviews, nothing), hence was a bit disappointed. My earlier post about Batman and Ra's is here

I was expecting a lot out of Mystic River. But I found it desparately trying to be award winning good cinema. The central idea of the movie is extremely unconvincing (spoiler follows) - that the two kids should kill Sean Penn's daughter in a ghastly manner. Also, if the kids have made her car suddenly swerve, shouldnt she be saying more than 'Hi' to them. Also, the episode during the childhood of the three friends is given just too much weightage - just to get a sombre tinge to all the proceedings. But really, (more spoilers) the abuse could have in no way have fundamentally affected the lives of the three men- just Tim Robbins' Dave

Sean Penn's acting is flawless and without a doubt, deserves an Oscar. I am not so much convinced about Tim Robbins. He just acts like a lunatic. Also, I don't quite get Clint Eastwood's fascination for slightly quirky characters, just for the sake of it. In Million Dollar Baby, he is into Gallic. Here, Kevin Bacon's wife calls him up all the time but doesn't talk on the phone. Hello!

Also, sometime back, I watched and very much liked Home Delivery. Now, some of friends have given my supari for recommending the movie to them. Hmmm, my brain. Something's up.
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